Our name is Xinjitai, the abbreviate is XJT. We are the manufacturer of pharmaceutical fine mist type of sprayers and spray bottles, which is a subclass of pharmaceutical primary packaging materials. Our packaging materials are in pharmaceutical grade. We reject cosmetic quality such as simply changing the actuator of perfume fine mist sprayers to use in the pharmaceutical application.

Now XJT has companies in two countries. Chinese company is responsible for manufacturing and Chinese business. Singapore company is responsible for international business.

Our technical core is fine mist type of sprayers with pharmaceutical grade, including nasal sprayer, throat / oral sprayer, and fine mist sprayer (topical sprayer). We also produce plastic PET and HDPE bottles, which are used for the combination with our sprayers thus as spray bottles. All of our products are in pharmaceutical grade.

Two points necessary to be pointed out. 1. Our facilities comply with the requirements for pharmaceutical sprayers and bottles. Our purification workshop is in 10,000 level instead of 100,000 level. The former is the highest standard currently in China in manufacturing pharmaceutical sprayers and bottles, while the latter is the general standard equipped by almost Chinese manufacturers. 2. Our production capacity is also top in China. We can produce 600,000 sprayers and 300,000 bottles per day.

Professional certificates (GMP) for manufacturing pharmaceutical sprayers and bottles include ISO 15378, registration of pharmaceutical sprayers and bottles in China FDA (中国药监局药包材证), and the 3rd party test reports on all materials based on FDA standard. Please note only a few companies own these above special certificates in China, that is, only a few companies in China are certified for manufacturing PHARMACEUTICAL sprayers and bottles. We also have the relative general certificates includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, the memberships of Singapore manufacturing federation (SMF), Singapore business federation (SBF), and Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI).

XJT sprayers are made of only food safe plastic PP and PE as well as a stainless steel spring. We don’t use POM or Rubber, although most of other manufacturers use one or both of POM and Rubber. One point must be clear that all fine mist type of sprayers definitely contain components made of plastic PP, PE and stainless steel. The difference between manufacturers is that most manufacturers use one or both of POM and Rubber to make some components of sprayers, while only a few manufacturers, like XJT, don’t use POM nor Rubber to make those components. In another word, XJT sprayers lack risk from POM or rubber as well as don’t have additional risk. All of the materials we used have passed the FDA standard tests.

POM has good mechanical properties but this material is easy to release harmful compounds in certain solutions. Otherwise, PP and PE are very safe. Therefore, a pharmaceutical grade of fine mist sprayer (topical sprayer), nasal sprayer, or throat / oral sprayer should not contain components made of POM. XJT gains excellent spraying performance only through the accuracy of our molds and the control in production procedures.

Rubber used in sprayers is Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). NBR is very good in sealing but has moderated chemcial resistance, expecially poor resistance to Ozone. Therefore, a pharmaceutical grade of fine mist sprayer, nasal sprayer, or throat / oral sprayer should not contain components made of Rubber. XJT gains leakage proof only through the accuracy of our molds and the control in production procedures. Generally, XJT use PE or silicone gasket, which are exactly safe.

Screw on, Snap on, Crimp on (Aluminum closure). General screw on type refers to the sprayer closure can be screwed on and off without any limit, which means ” refillable”. A special screw on is non-refillable or tamper evident screw on, which doesn’t allow reopening after screw the sprayer closure to the bottle well. Snap on type can be reopened but reopening is difficult so it can be regarded as “non-reopened”. Crimp on type is exactly “non-reopened” because the aluminum closure will deform to clip the bottle neck after it is capped well. If a mounted crimp on type closure is taken down from a bottle, the closure will not be the original status.

Dosage is the delivery amount for per spray. XJT sprayers’ dosages vary from 0.05ml/t to 0.14ml/t for all types of sprayers. And 0.18ml/t is available for fine mist sprayers (topical sprayers). Each dosage has error or toleration. For pharmaceutical usage, the error is ±10% generally.

Our sprayer’s structure is unique because no metallic or glass ball in the pump/valve. The valve of a non-ball structure is a contacting valve so more controllable. This non-ball structure also improves the atomization. Thus the non-ball structure is suitable not only for water like liquid but also is suitable for thick liquid and oil.

XJT exports globally.

Mainly incoterms include EXW, FOB, CIF/CIP, express/courier based on sea freight, air freight and rail transportation.

Use double plastic bags to pack the sprayers or bottles, and then put it in a paper box (carton). If necessary, plastic pallets will be used.

Gamma ray sterilization is available. However, we strongly advise sterilization to be done at customer’s place. If damage of the outer carton and plastic bags during transportation, sterilization done before shipment fails. XJT can not perform Gamma ray sterilization by ourselves. Gamma ray is radioactive danger so only professional company certified by government can perform it.

General we trade in USD. Additionally, RMB and SGD are also applicable when payment from China and Singapore, separately. Please feel free to contact our sales team to request quotation.

*More general information about the pharmaceutical mist spayer can be found at this website. PMMS